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Safety Plan Review

With kids home it's a good time to review your action plan including checking smoke and CO detectors, extinguisher placements, and escape routes and methods.  

Every 24 seconds in the United States, a fire department responds to fire somewhere. Note that clutter can be a dangerous obstacle to navigate in an emergency.



Built to support first responders through ordinary real estate transactions nationwide.

Any home buyer / seller anywhere in the United States can ask us to preview and introduce real estate agents they may want to work with.

We make the introductions from our extended professional network. If a buyer / seller decides to work with an agent we introduced, and that results in a transaction, we receive a referral fee from that agent (a small portion of the commission they earn for sending them business).

First Responder-RE uses its proceeds to make a donation to the Fire Department serving that community, or the one specified, or certain charities we work with.  

  • First Responder-RE was founded by a volunteer firefighter who is also a licensed realtor and who has seen first hand an honorable dedication to service weighed upon by the continual need to fundraise.

If you know the agent you want to work with but still want to support your first responders, First Responder-RE will engage that specific referral.

If you don't know local agents, First Responder-RE will attempt to match your criteria with our agent profiles to help you through a smooth transaction; we do this across all 50 states with over 500 real estate firms and tens of thousands of agents.   

First Responder-RE's donations can be 'in the name of' a loved one.  Get paired with a good agent AND know you're helping to move the dial for local first responders.  



First Responder-RE is pleased to announce an agreement to donate 50% of its net income to this worthy, renowned, four-star charity:

All real estate agent introductions sought on through May 2020 resulting in buyer/seller transactions in NYC's five boroughs will directly benefit the Stephen Siller - Tunnel to Towers Foundation; simply indicate such on our "Find me an Agent" page.

The Story


Firefighters regularly put themselves at risk to save lives, working in tough conditions on what is often the worst day of someone's life.  They see things they won't be able to unsee.  They experience high levels of stress.  Amazingly, 85% of US Fire Departments are volunteer.  

I founded First Responder-RE to give back to Volunteer Fire Departments while doing my job and staying active as a volunteer firefighter (pictured in the trio above); vocation marries avocation.  

First Responder-RE works like an agent's agent, matching the needs of home buyers and sellers with referral placements to agents nationally, the resultant transactions from which First Responder-RE is able to make proportional contributions to the Volunteer Fire Departments serving those very communities.  

First Responder-RE handholds home buyer and seller agent requests using our extended professional network covering all 50 states and looks to create an agent match based on those needs.  Beyond where personal relationships exist, this business has largely become about paid placements and agents buying leads, but what about the buyer's or seller's needs in an agent?  This is where we come in.      

  • Real estate websites may SELL your personal information.
  • An algorithm decides what agent CLAIMS you. 
  • This is highly IMPERSONAL and frequently ends in rejection.   

Without changing how real estate transactions work or taking anything out of your pocket, those seeking personalized service by using First Responder-RE will also be cognitively supporting Volunteer Fire Departments local to the subject property that completes a transaction.  

By asking for an agent introduction on the form below, First Responder-RE will look after your needs and set the wheel of philanthropy in motion.        

Volunteer Fire Departments will typically use money for equipment needs, training props, memorials, kitchen items, fitness equipment, annual recognition dinners, toy drives, Christmas decorations, etc.  This also helps them expand membership and is beneficial to the communities they serve.    

Stu Sanderson

Founder, First Responder-RE

Firefighter, Amherst Fire Rescue

REALTOR®, Bean Group

108 Ponemah Rd., Amherst, NH 03031  

(603) 577-0474 Direct

(800) 450-7784 

NH License #075399

About Me

Fire/EMS Family

Fire/EMS Family

Fire/EMS Family

I grew up in a Fire/EMS family and was rolling hose and washing fire engines as early as elementary school.

My Career

Fire/EMS Family

Fire/EMS Family

For decades I worked in NYC, Boston, Chicago, and LA for both large and small companies in sales roles traveling regularly.

Youth Sports

Fire/EMS Family

High School Sports

Since before my own kids were old enough to play, I coached lacrosse in the Boston suburbs.

High School Sports

High School Sports

High School Sports

During our time in Los Angeles, I was a head lacrosse coach, US Lacrosse Man of the Year, and league president and board member.

My Education

High School Sports

My Education

I went to college in the Midwest and graduate school in the UK.  Now I learn and train on fire equipment from some of the best in the state.

My Family

High School Sports

My Education

Married to a wonderful woman who's also a great nurse, with two dynamite kids.

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We do not sell customer information. We work within our professional network to find compatibility with an agent local to you or your target town, then properly introduce that agent to you.


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